Start with MicroPython and the NUCLEO-WB55

This section provides some exercises to start programming in MicroPython with the NUCLEO-WB55 board. We will discuss and explain -in the form of tutorials- notions of embedded programming and microcontroller architecture that will be essential for you to progress. When you come across an acronym that you are not familiar with, don’t hesitate to consult the glossary.

Video presentation of the board by the students of the Lycée Vilgénis in Massy

To get started, we invite you to watch this excellent Youtube video presenting the board:

We thank Mr. Jacques Taillet, teacher at the Lycée Vilgénis in Massy (Versaille Academy) and the students of his scientific club for the production and sharing of this document!

List of tutorials

The following links give some examples of the implementation of the NUCLEO-WB55 card. This is a reminder that all the scripts presented here or used later can be retrieved from the page Downloads in addition to the links that may be present throughout the text.