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The reform of french high schools introduces a new education followed by all students of general and technological “seconde” year (corresponding to US 10th Grade or UK Year 11) : SNT (Digital Sciences and Technology). One of the topics covered in this course is the Internet of Things (IoT) covered into the chapter “Informatique embarquée et objets connectés”, which represents the extension of the Internet to things and places into the physical world.

The aim is to bring these young people to a first level of understanding of the Internet of Things. The challenge is to favor a chosen study orientation, in this case towards digital engineering. The share of “digital” and “IT” in education has been greatly increased with the reform of the school.


The goal of STM32Python project is to provide high school teachers and high school students with open-source teaching materials for initiation to the Internet of Things for the teaching of SNT (Digital Sciences and Technology). These supports are based on the Nucleo STM32 platform from ST Microelectronics. They allow electronic assemblies and programs for STM32 microcontrollers to be made with the C / C ++ and microPython languages.

The supports produced can also be used by other general first and final lessons, in particular in NSI specialty (Digital and Computer Sciences), in IS specialty (Engineering Sciences), or in STI2D technological series (Sciences and Technologies of ‘Industry and Sustainable Development).


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